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Building a Better Environment: Local Industries Incorporate Green Practices, Green Thinking - Lafayette (Ind.) Magazine, spring 2015

Finance: Credit Monitoring Tips - Lafayette (Ind.) Magazine, fall 2013

A 'Top 10 List' to Achieve a New, Normal Living With Vision Loss Using technology to accomplish a top 10 List of daily tasks and beyond -, November 2012

Coaching for Work, Coaching for Life (story on business/life coaches) - Lafayette (Ind.) Magazine, fall 2012

Making the cut: Tradition, discipline put fresh meat businesses over the top. - Lafayette (Ind.) Magazine, fall 2011

Sun Power: Purdue University Solar Decathlon team pairs with area businesses to build a sustainable home. - (Lafayette (Ind.) Magazine, fall 2011 

The A-List ( first part of profiles of entrepreneurs) - Lafayette (Ind.) Magazine, fall 2010

The A-List (second part of profiles of entrepreneurs) - Lafayette (Ind.) Magazine, fall 2010

Business 101:Sound Advice, Inc.(profile story on local business) - Lafayette (Ind.) Magazine, spring 2011

Articles below from MacDonald Advertising Services (formerly MacDonald Classified Services), 2003-2009

An Argument for Maintaining Classified:Lancaster (Pa.) Newspapers Inc. shares insights on survival - MacDonald Vol. 2, Issue 3 - March 2009

Expanding Digital Advertising Opportunities:Detroit Media Partnership plans more targeting online - MacDonald Vol. 2, Issue 3 - March 2009 

Detroit Makes Radical Distribution Changes:Newspapers' changes come with eye toward the future - MacDonald Vol. 2, Issue 2 - February 2009

Students Show Stong Interest in Campus Papers:Study shows robust readership of college newspapers

Houston Plays Role in Rebuilding New Orleans:Special section reconnects evacuees with their home

Auto Reviews Drive Consumers to and advertisers drawn to expanded content

Recruitment Advertising Goes Mobile in Chicagoland:QuickText is the Chicago (Ill.) Tribune's newest segment in recruitment

Maintaining Revenue, Providing a Public Service:Newspapers assist during a volatile mortgage market

African-American Newspapers View Classifieds as Key Way to Serve Communities:Newspapers use various media to target customers

Reaching Out to First-Time Home Buyers:Newspapers partner with Realtors, mortgage companies

Online Newspaper Content:Should access be free or for a fee?

Promoting Condominiums with Newspapers:Real estate companies target specific audiences

Spanish-Language Publications:Newspapers promote classifieds to reach fast-growing markets

Jobs Site Jumps Revenue By Offering More has notable success with self-service recruitment ads

Letter-Writing Campaign Targets Classified Gun Ads:Newspapers create policies to accept ads only from licensed dealers

In the Driver's Seat:Automakers, dealerships empower women

Fuel Factor:Automotive advertising remains stable despite high gas prices

Tap the Riches:Newspaper Web sites begin to emerge as viable revenue sources